'99 - 20 SLMX, Garmin Cable hanging in the water

Lil Joey

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I have a new '99 - 20 SLMX. I bought it in Feb but just took possession of it 5/1/20 In the beginning of July my Garmin Striker 4 began telling me there was no signal. After an inspection and re-seating cable connections near the transducer and at the console (back of the Display unit). Still no signal. I went under the hull to visually inspect the entire length of the cable and was horrified, only to see a loop of cable hanging down in a big U shape between the pontoons and down under the water but still in one piece. The cable has a cut in it near the console side of the hull... Left side of Pic (Pic taken in the slip looking Aft, the reflection of the water on the bottom of the hull is deceiving)
Question is how is the cable (typically) hung from the factory when crossing under the deck ?
I don't see any zip ties, or any remnants of any type of mounting hardware or what the cable ws secured with. Also wondering how can this happen in less than 90 days of normal use?