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AAARRRGGHHH ..... a windy day leads to a mess.

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by royal4, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. royal4

    royal4 Well-Known Member

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    Jordan Lake, NC
    I use non-ethanol gas but every fall I throw in a bottle fuel stabilizer. Sooo.... I put the boat in the water and before driving over to the gas dock to fill up I put the stabilizer in the tank. It was windy and upon taking the bottle out of the filler, wind blew droplets ALL over the front part of the boat!!!! Little pink stains on my beautiful seats yada..yada...yada.... After gassing up I went and anchored in a cove and started wiping everything down with 303 cleaner. They somewhat came out but I can still see some of the little pink stains droplets. I'm hoping the sun will bleach them out but man I was not a happy camper for messing up since I always take care of my stuff and this was like a punch in the gut. I think it'll be ok after another cleaning or 2 and more sitting in the sun. Moral of the story: BE CAREFUL with anything that can cause a mess especially when it's windy!!! ARRRGHHHH.....
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  2. Mike31406

    Mike31406 Well-Known Member

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    Lake Greenwood, South Carolina
    Bummer. Good reminder that we all need to stay alert.
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  3. mrob

    mrob Active Member

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    Jenks, Oklahoma
    That is a bummer. Speaking of stabilizer. Does anyone use the marine stabilizer or just the regular. I use the regular myself. Any preferences??
  4. BigKahuna

    BigKahuna Well-Known Member

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    North Carolina
    Royal it'll come out!

    When I trailered my boat in Virginia our Marina had "land" pumps as well as a gas dock. I used to fill up with the boat still on the trailer. Then launch the boat get in a go! Just seemed so much easier.

    Since I use E free fuel I use the regular fuel stabilizer at the end of the season. I also use Seafoam at least once a season to clean the entire fuel system.......
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