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Bennington membership Question

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Comments' started by Big Bernie, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Big Bernie

    Big Bernie Member

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    Lake Arrowhead. CA
    Hello Bennington Friends, I purchased a new 22 SSRX about 3-4 weeks aqo in CA. I was told about a Bennington Membership Club that would give me an additional 2 yrs on my warranty. My question : Is this the Bennington Member site that includes the warranty and Forum or is this for forum members only? Where would I find the application  for the added warranty on a new Bennington ?


    Big Bernie
  2. Sue Penick

    Sue Penick Administrator Staff Member

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    Anyone who purchases a New Bennington this year can register their boat for the extra 2 years warranty at the Club Bennington site http://www.clubbennington.com/#!form/c1ec9

    Also - anyone purchasing a New Benny since 2013 Model Year Boats can register their boat at this site to add the extra 2 years of warranty!
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