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bimini top cover

Discussion in 'Dock Talk' started by genie, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. genie

    genie New Member

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    i need to order a replacement bimini cover for my 2000 2375 fs pontoon, but am not at the lake to measure the boat. does anyone know the width of this model???
  2. amr7333

    amr7333 Moderator

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    You really need to know the length of your top. I know my dad has a 12 foot bimini on his 2275 and I have a 10 foot on my 2275. They are not interchangable in any respect. I would think the widths are standard to pontoons.

    Good luck.
  3. doug

    doug Member

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    Another fix that worked for me. Find an awning/tarp dealer in your area. Remove the entire top (2 screws on mine) and take it to them. Tell them what you want and even pick out the color and/or design.

    Leave it with them and it'll be back to you in a matter of days and you won't be guessing at sizes.

    They work with square tubing and material every day.

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