Broken anchor light plug on bimini top mounting rail and mounting bolts


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Hello everyone,

New Bennington G23 owner as of July! Love the boat and have really been impressed with the overall quality. As with anything new, we have had our fair share of small "oops" moments and issues, all caused by our own mistakes (no warranty issues yet). There are a few parts I am hoping someone could point me to online without having to go through the dealer.

- Pic 1: While folding the bimini top down to dock for the night, 'Friend A' offered to help and somehow unscrewed one of the mounting pins/bolts that holds the bimini in place and launched it into the lake. I was able to find a bolt in my hardware drawer that kind of works but would like to order the correct mounting pins/bolts to keep around. Anyone know where to find these online?

- Pic 2: Shortly after 'Friend A' launched the mounting pins into the lake, he decided to mess with the other side of the boat and broke the wiring connector that goes into the bimini mounting rail that feeds power to the anchor light. I am fine with splicing in new connectors to plug in, but for the life of me I can't figure out what kind of connectors these are. Anyone know?

- Cupholder Insert: Anyone happen to know where to find the chrome/metal ring insert that screws onto the top of the plastic cup holders? We lost one while driving home one night in some pretty strong wind.

Great community here and I really appreciate all of the help in advance. Hoping to share my experiences soon with the JL Audio and Kicker system that I recently installed on the boat. I learned a few things along the way in that project that I hope could be useful to some of you that are upgrading the stereo on your boats.

- JP


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