Chain saw fuel lines.....


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North Carolina
I was going to go down to the boat and take the shrink wrap off. But it started to rain plus there's so much pollen everywhere so I said the hell with it! You have to entertain yourself when you're trying to stay away from everybody. Ha! Anyway we are getting ready to trim and cut down a few trees so I figured I'd get the chainsaw ready to go. I run the gas out of it when I store it so all I had to do is fill it up and it's ready to go. I hit the primer bulb a few times and gas starts seeping out from under the casing. Not good. Long story short .....3 gas lines literally disintegrated in my hand. This has happened to me before in a gas blower I had. This is why I use the Ethanol free fuel/synthetic oil pre mix stuff in a can. So this is my question to you guys......If I have been using this type of fuel since I bought this chainsaw 9 yrs. ago.......Why did my fuel lines disintegrate like I was using fuel with ethanol in it???


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York, Pa
Probably just the quality of the rubber in the fuel lines. Keeps costs down. I had a weed wacker do it in like 5 years. Go get some quality line at a place like Napa and even though you don’t use it, and most line probably is, make sure it’s ethanol use line.