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Cobra Edge Hydrofoil

Discussion in 'Members Zone: Props and Power' started by basshawk84, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. basshawk84

    basshawk84 Well-Known Member

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    East Texas
    Well after I completed the stereo install last weekend, I installed a Cobra The Edge Stainless Hydrofoil on the engine.  I've used these on other boats and always had great results so I thought I would give it a shot.  I have the Express Tube package that sits really low in the back and while I had no trouble getting on plane, pulling tubes or top end, I really couldn't trim the engine up much without the boat starting to porpoise.  After installation, the boat rides a bit higher in the back and doesn't porpoise on the top end and stays on plane at a much lower speed.  I might have lost a mph or two on top end, but everything else about it works like a champ.  I know there are folks that don't like hydrofoils, I'm just not one of them!!
  2. BigKahuna

    BigKahuna Well-Known Member

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    North Carolina
    I had the same hydrofoil on my bowrider. It made the boat plane faster and stopped porpoising.

    My pontoon boat has the same engine/outdrive although is fuel injected. It quickly gets on plane and has a nice clean stable ride. I don't have a need for a hydrofoil on this boat........

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