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Enviro-Fill Fuel System

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by Team Bennington, Apr 8, 2016.

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    PLEASE NOTE! Bennington does not put fuel in our systems prior to shipping,  Because of that, it is impossible to completely test these fuel systems at the factory, but we do q.a. to check lines, etc.  That being said, the following information may help those who are technically inclined.

    [SIZE= 11pt]Beginning in summer of 2013, the EPA placed new guidelines on marine fuel [/SIZE]systems[SIZE= 11pt],  and we [/SIZE]began[SIZE= 11pt] using Enviro-Fill Fuel systems.  This was a running change that took approximately 1 year to complete.     This tank should fill at full speed at the gas station.  Should also fill normally with a large funnel.  The sentence highlighted in green addresses what is usually wrong.  The lines are colored in figure one to help explain the system.  In the boat, all the hoses are black.[/SIZE]

    The way this works is by blocking off the “aspirator hole”  that is located about a 1/2 inch up the side of a gas station fuel fill nozzle.  It’s about a 1/8” diameter.  When this hole is blocked, the gas pump shuts off.



    Scroll down to FIGURE #1  in the instructions. It shows the Enviro Fill layout lay-out we use most often. 


    1)      When the float on the TANK SENSOR/VENT ASSEMBLY is lifted by the fuel it blocks flow to the RED PRESSURE TRANSFER HOSE. This blocks off the “aspirator hole” to turn off the pump.


    2)      The YELLOW VENT HOSE(S) vents air out thru slots around the fill opening that are normally covered by the fuel cap.  [SIZE= 9pt]If the yellow hose has fuel trapped in it the tank it will not fill at a reasonable rate.

    [SIZE= 9pt]


    3)      The BLACK VENT HOSE vents air to the canister when the cap is closed.  [SIZE= 9pt]If the BLACK and YELLOW hoses are crossed on the VENT BODY VALVE,[/SIZE][SIZE= 9pt] it will not fill at a reasonable rate. Same applies to the INLET VENT VALVE in figure 2


    4)      The CARBON CANISTER cleans the air that comes out of the tank as ambient temperature cycles from cold to hot.


    5)      The GREEN VENT HOSE allows air in and out of the tank when the fill cap is on.


    Normally Enviro Fill takes fuel in at full speed on the gas pump.  Down side is with a fill can.  It needs the long skinny neck spout or funnel to fill it.  This gets the fuel past the venting coming out of fill neck area. The large black funnel works best.  The white one is easier to store.

    If the “yellow” and “black” vent lines at the valve (see note #3) are accidentally crossed, and you have a system that doesn’t fill quickly, check this first.

    View attachment Enviro F Instruct.pdf
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