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Discussion in 'Owners Chat: Options and Upgrades' started by carribeanmum, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. carribeanmum

    carribeanmum Member

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    Anyone have a Fastback? We are debating on ordering a SSRFBX Premium or a SSRX Premium.  My husband likes the idea of having speakers on the back. I am not sure I want the Simtex material on the back of a pontoon where we will be getting on/off of.  Have any of you put speakers on the front/back of a SSRX?  Thoughts? 
  2. mattb

    mattb Well-Known Member

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    Central Ohio
    It looks cool and seams neat, the speakers.  If your off the stern floating, your probably chatting with the other floaters, so to speak.  Music, at some volume will hinder that chat.  I replaced my factory speakers because they were very poor, I have yet to use the new ones to their potential, because of chatting in the boat.  Wiring speakers in the rear would be the hardest part.  

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