Fender location and sizes

Russ Woody

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My new 2021 LSS b
Bennington should be ready around March. Should the fenders extend to the pontoons to protect them? Also, can you put a fender on the bow?. I watched a Pontoon boat go under the dock when he pulled up .Thanks for any help.

Jack M

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Indian River ,Michigan
That is not a floating dock correct ?
I almost did that the 1st time I pulled in to my current slip ,it would have ripped off my docking lights . Since our HOA owns the marina and I own the slip I am allowed to make adjustments . I put a 2 X 12 across the front of my slip and hung 3 ,6 X 24 fenders on chains from the 2 X 12 . I use the chains when I need to adjust the height due to variation in water level .I use EZ Fender hangers and 8 X 27 fenders and adjust according to water level . I keep my fenders adjusted so they are against the rub rail and not the sides or pontoons .