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Floorplan Help! 22 SSBXP vs. 22 SCWX so many options...HELP!

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by Benni Newbie, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Benni Newbie

    Benni Newbie Active Member

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    We are in the beginning stages of purchasing a 22 tri-toon. I am overwhelmed with all the possible features and floor plans on a budget of course! The only must haves that my husband and I have decided on so far are the double Bimini top (we live in FL), tri-tune, in seat cooler, kicker speaker upgrade, dual battery, portable cup holder, some lights, and the aft back. Possibly the center storage. Possibly the pop up cleats. Possibly the removable extra seat. Possibly some sort of privacy chaise. Still debating 115 vs 150 motor. We have young adult children, plus a 66 pound dog that loves boating! We will most likely be cruising in lakes. We have jet skiis if we want to do water sports and/or towing. We are debating about the co-captain chair layout with loungers in back vs the swingback layout. I personally think I would prefer the co-captain chair so that so I can turn around in all directions and sit next to my husband when cruising. The extra removable seat seems like a great addition to add to the front of the boat for meal time and then move the seat beside the co-captain chair to use as an ottoman. The two loungers in back seem appealing also. This floor plan seems like it has a lot of floor space. My husband prefers the look of the fastback. I don’t think you can get the dual loungers and co captain chairs with the fast back. Our young adult kids liked the idea of the swingback. They said they could go back there and hang out to get away from the adults. Lol. Any advise would greatly be appreciated. I am over thinking everything and driving my husband insane!!!
  2. Jack M

    Jack M Moderator

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    Petoskey Michigan
    Our 1st was an SLX , after a few months decided we wanted an RCW . Look at the GCW or RCW ,if its just the 2 of you most of the time
  3. Oldchuck

    Oldchuck Well-Known Member

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    Central Florida
    I too am in the beginning stages and here are my opinions on some of the questions. I think the dual or co-captain chairs are really nice in that you do not have to turn your head or body to talk to the driver which is important to us and a must have. Pop up cleats will save a lot of toenails and foot bruises and have them on a CC and love them. Again, a must have. If you plan on cruising over the low 20's mph with more than 5 people I would get the 150. The 115 is fine for casual cruising in the 18-20 mph range but will not do water sports or haul 8-12 folks well. However, if you are planning on having a leisurely cruise and do not cover large distances then the 115 might just work for you. Remember, no ever complained about having too much horsepower and you don't have to use it. A 150 running 3,000 rpm will burn no more fuel then a 115 running at 5,000 and will not stress the motor as much. A 150 will most likely require power steering and possibly Steering Assist. Both will cost maybe $4,500. Combine that to the cost difference between a 115 and 150 and may make a difference in your decision. I have both PS and PA on a 22' CC and love being able to dock with one finger on the wheel. Many forget that PS is not like PS in a car and you need to add PA as well to get it like your vehicle... Sorry to ramble.. I am sure more will answer these and your other questions...
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  4. Vikingstaff

    Vikingstaff Well-Known Member

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    I’ve replied to many of the other posts you’ve had, so I wont duplicate any responses I’ve previously given here. ;)

    I noticed above you mentioning the in-seat cooler. We do not have it based on some past posts in this forum. Some people had complained about it, and said they tend to just bring a regular cooler when needed. Maybe others that have it can comment, and perhaps its configuration has changed since we ordered.

    Just thought I’d share what we had heard when we were in your shoes two years ago getting ready to put in our order. Ordering a pontoon is exciting, and stressful. So many options. So expensive. But once you get it, its so worth it. Good luck!
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  5. the-little-B

    the-little-B Well-Known Member

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    About all I can comment on would be the coolers. I have the bow seat cooler and the ottoman/cooler.

    I love the extra space they create by not having extra coolers on the floor. They are not all that big but work well for me and a small passenger load. You get too many people on and you need another cooler usually but it beats having 2 or more extra coolers taking up space. Passengers love the ottoman and I also use it quite a bit from the captains chair.

    The ottoman cooler keeps ice ok. Not near as good as my regular marine grade coolers but 90% of the time it's fine. The bow seat cooler doesn't keep ice very long but is fine for an afternoon out which again is fine for 90% of the time.
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  6. Jim Rampello

    Jim Rampello Well-Known Member

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    You can buy kicker speakers for much less than Bennington charges you for the upgrade. I got four 6.5" (non-led) for $200, I think the upgrade was almost $600 as I recall. My dealer actually told me this is the cheaper way to go and the toe kick lighting also aftermarket is wwwaaaayyyy cheaper, which I thought I wanted. Turns out we were on the boat 0 times at night this past season!!
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  7. sjhorner9475

    sjhorner9475 Well-Known Member

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    Centerhill Lake, Silver Point TN
    We do not have the in seat cooler but do have the ottoman cooler. Have never used it as a cooler! I don't want the hassle of taking beverages or food that needs to be cold down to the boat and then have to transfer it to the ottoman cooler and mess with draining and cleaning it after being out on the boat. A cooler with wheels works best for us.

    But we do use the cooler for storing small things like wallets, phones, hats, t-shirts, etc. and my wife loves using it when she is in the co-captains chair.
  8. Mike31406

    Mike31406 Well-Known Member

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    Lake Greenwood, South Carolina
    Go with the 150, we really enjoy ours. Many posts on this forum concerning it. The power steering is a must IMO if you go with the 150. It makes everything from water sports to docking much earlier. We have an in seat cooler and have never used it. We also have the ottoman/cooler, it has not been on board for most of this season. The bow seat is placed in front of the co captain chair actually blocking the port side gate. Thus there is no where to put the ottoman that isn’t in the way.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
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  9. Alicedream

    Alicedream Well-Known Member

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    Warsaw, MO
    We really like the built in cooler. Keeps a cooler off the floor space. I never thought we would ever use it but we think it is great.
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  10. Michiman

    Michiman Well-Known Member

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    Okemos, MI
    BN, I really think you need to make a trip to your local dealer and spend time on some different Bennington models. That way you'll truly get a better idea of what might work best for your family. As for engine size, go with the 150 because you children will soon outgrow the capabilities of a 115. If you're going to spend the extra money on a tri-toon, you'll want to get the most out of it and the 150 is the best way to do that! Good luck and welcome to the family...
  11. Patrick Szuch

    Patrick Szuch Active Member

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    I don't think I have ever seen a tri-toon with less than a 150 on the back. If you are going to opt for the extra cost and performance of a center toon, I would think a 150 would be the minimum you would be looking at. I don't have that center toon, so the most my 22SSBXP can take is a 115. I still regret opting to save a few $ and putting a 90 back there instead of the 115. You rarely, if ever, hear someone wish they had gone with a smaller motor.
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  12. lakeliving

    lakeliving Well-Known Member

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    Michigander living In Palm City FL
    If you were in my area I'd take you out so you can see what you think about SPS and a 200 as the 150 will be similar in performance. I'm down in Palm City. The layout, colors and options are all personal preference so I can't sway you one way or another. I will say this, AVOID the 115 as it is the king of false hopes and dreams. Ask me how I know.

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