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Gas Gauge - What's Normal?

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by Macon_a_Splash, Aug 15, 2019 at 7:28 PM.

  1. Macon_a_Splash

    Macon_a_Splash Active Member

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    North Carolina
    I have a 2018 SLXP / 150 HP / SPS. Love the boat, but am not sure if my gas gauge is operating correctly. Whenever I start up, it seems to take an inordinate amount of time for my gas gauge to register above "E".

    I am usually the boat captain and know as I start out that I've GOT to have more fuel than "E". But I have to stress about whether I've got a leak or whether I just didn't realize how low it was when I docked.

    It takes a minimum of about three minutes after I'm underway (and sometimes longer) for the gauge to start to move beyond "E". Last weekend, I really wasn't watching how much fuel I was burning and had cruised and pulled lots of tubers and then anchored for a bit. When I started back up, it stayed on "E" for at least the first several minutes of the cruise home. Since I really hadn't paid much attention to the gas (started the afternoon with over 3/4 tank, didn't think I needed to worry - should have had plenty of gas), I had the stress of cruising for several minutes on "E" before my fuel gauge decided to show me I was still well over a half tank.

    Just wanting to know what's normal? This doesn't seem right.

  2. SEMPERFI8387

    SEMPERFI8387 Moderator

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    York, Pa
    Sounds like a sticking sending unit. As you are cruising around it’s adjusting due to the boats movement. I’d have dealer check that.
  3. Spoiledrotten

    Spoiledrotten Well-Known Member

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    Below the Mason/Dickson Line
    I’m fixing to get my third sending unit. My friends that own the Bennington dealership already replaced a misbehaving sending unit. This one messed up, too. They have another one on order from Bennington. It really take a lot of the relaxation out of boating when you don’t know how much gas you have left. Good luck with yours.
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  4. sjhorner9475

    sjhorner9475 Well-Known Member

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    Centerhill Lake, Silver Point TN
    This has been my first season with our new boat with a Suzuki engine and digital gauges. The digital fuel tank readout provides both the traditional fuel guage with needle readout and a second readout indicating the percentage of fuel remaining in the tank. Based on that readout, I calculate the number of gallons used but when I fill up, invariably it takes twice as many gallons as calculated. Any idea of why this is occurring? And don't say my math is wrong because my wife already beat you to that!

  5. 2fast4u

    2fast4u Well-Known Member

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    central North Carolina
    remove and clean the wires that connect at the fuel tank sending unit sounds like a poor connection to me. you might want to check the connections at the gauge also.
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