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Giving my old 207L a face lift

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by msgill59, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. msgill59

    msgill59 New Member

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    South Carolina
    I'm giving my old toon a facelift this winter and will be replacing the carpet with luxury vinyl and reupholstering the seats and sun deck. I only have two speakers and would like to add two more. One is located on the left side entry facing forward and the other one is in the helm facing rear. Where would you put two more speakers? The aft rear seat has a flat surface leading to the aft sun deck, but will the plastic seat base be suitable for mounting a speaker? Before I cut a hole in it I want to make sure. That would leave a question on where to put the front one. Any suggestion/pictures would be helpful.

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  2. BulldogsCadillac

    BulldogsCadillac Just some guy

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    Dauphin, Manitoba
    Pictures would also be helpful to us! :) haha post some pics of the overall layout and then some closer ones of where you were thinking.
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