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Got to meet a fellow forum member today

Discussion in 'Midwest U.S.' started by Vikingstaff, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Vikingstaff

    Vikingstaff Well-Known Member

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    Met Steve, aka Michiman today as he, his wife, one of his sons and their fury four legged companion stopped by our cottage on their boat. Perfect timing as we were coming back from tubing.

    Really nice to meet up in person and put a face with the name. As great of a guy in person as on these forum boards!

    And talk about a small world: I already knew he lived in the community next to ours in addition to boating on the same lake up north in Michigan. Come to find out our families go to the same church downstate, and his kids went to high school where I originally student taught (albeit I student taught there 26 years ago).

    And although a brief meeting, I also suspect we both like boating and love our Bennington’s. Call it a hunch... :D

    Anyway, looking forward to connecting again on Houghton Lake. Thanks for stopping by and saying “hi” Steve!
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  2. Michiman

    Michiman Well-Known Member

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    Okemos, MI
    Jeff, thanks for the "shout out"! Small world, that's for sure. Your cottage is as beautiful as the pictures you posted, particularly with that Benny sitting out front.

    Look forward to getting together this summer...
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  3. lakeliving

    lakeliving Well-Known Member

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    Michigander living In Palm City FL
    That's cool you guys were able to meet up!
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