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Lake Norman/CLT region boat cover suggestions ?

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by leggo4x4, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. leggo4x4

    leggo4x4 New Member

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    Cornelius, NC
    Hi all,
    After our "BIG" snow storm earlier this month here in Cornelius, NC. The weight must have been too much for the cover. It ripped the cloth around almost all 5 poles on my Benny 2550LX.
    Question is does anyone recommend (or NOT recommend) anyone in this region (Charlotte or Lake Norman area) to make a new mooring cover? or have you had any luck online finding a decent aftermarket cover?
    Id prefer an original snap style, but open to recommendations.
    In the summer our cover stays off a lot as we use it so much, so i was thinking it would be nice to have something that is a little quicker to throw on?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. cwag911

    cwag911 Moderator

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    Denver, NC on beautiful Lake Norman
    Daril (Big Kahuna) had one made a while back and they were local. I'm sure he will chime in. Welcome to the forum.
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  3. warrior999

    warrior999 Well-Known Member

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    North Texas
    A “little” more expensive option but they finally got started on my boat cover. A cascade of events have delayed construction but my shop is underway. We should have been finished in late October or early November. 40x40 enclosed with a 20’ awning off the front.

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  4. BigKahuna

    BigKahuna Well-Known Member

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    North Carolina
    I highly recommend Carolina Custom Canvas located in Mooresville. 704 663 6264. Dan (c)704 400 1412. Call and he will come to wherever your boat is and custom make a Sunbrella playpen cover on the spot in his trailer that includes snaps and support poles. Just pick out your preferred color. We couldn't be any happier with the quality of the product and his workmanship.
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  5. Nautical

    Nautical Well-Known Member

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    Lake Norman
    I second Carolina Custom. If you ask 10 people around here, 11 or 12 will say the same thing (people like to eavesdrop, ya know).

    Fortunately mine didn't rip. My poles must have clutches in then because they collapsed a bit and that's what saved mine. That was a lot of very heavy snow!!

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