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Leaking pontoon

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by John Lojas, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. John Lojas

    John Lojas New Member

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    I always trailered my 22.5’ Bennington. This past year I docked it all summer. A storm hit Pittsburgh in August. When I took it out after the storm the boat listed to the port. It never did that before. When I took it out for the season it listed very bad on the trailer (water in the port pontoon). I can not see a leak or crack in the pontoon. It is a 1999 22.5 Bennington LX. Does anyone know if this year had compartments in the pontoons? Also does it have air valves So I can presurize it? My next problem is finding an experienced person to repair it. Boat mechanics are getting harder and harder to find in my area.
  2. Michiman

    Michiman Well-Known Member

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    Okemos, MI
    I would imagine that your toons have compartments. Fortunately, a leaky toon is a relatively easy repair in the hands of an experience aluminum welder. Good luck...
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  3. SEMPERFI8387

    SEMPERFI8387 Moderator

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    York, Pa
    You don't need a boat mechanic, just an experienced welder. There are ports on top and DO NOT PRESSURIZE over 1-2 psi, and don't trust a cheapo gauge.

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