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New BennTexx Upholstery Fabric-2017

Discussion in 'Helpful Hints from Bennington' started by Team Bennington, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Team Bennington

    Team Bennington Administrator Staff Member

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    A new luxurious outdoor upholstery with a textile feel, quality backing and a durable topcoat... hard to beat!  Bennington is pleased to offer new BennTexx (by Simtex) upholstery as an upgrade for all pillow-top seating.  BennTexx is offered in The S Premium, G, R and Q series.   

    Unique with custom enhancements for Bennington, this Simtex product has been used in the yachting industry and throughout Europe for many years.   A few competitive brands use "knock-off" versions (less expensive and less durable) that do not have the exacting characteristics of BennTexx.

    Attached are cleaning and care directions for this fantastic upholstery.

    View attachment BENNINGTON__BENNTEXX_CARE_CARD_2_SIDEDcomp.pdf
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  2. mrob

    mrob Member

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    Jenks, Oklahoma
    Looks like that is going to be some really nice upholstery. Maybe on the next bennington .;) 303 came in the mail. There will be an application this weekend.


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