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New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Got my G2275 about 2 months ago and am somewhat disappointed with some of the  quality.  I currently own three pontoon boats. The new G2275, a 2010 Tahoe 2200 and  a 5 year old Bennington.  The Tahoe is a very good Boat as is the 5 yr old Bennington. I purchased the new 2011 Bennington because I felt overall it was the best boat on the market this year.  However, after 2 months of ownership, I am not so sure. Quality issues include raised Bennington badging peeling off on both sides of the boat, the flag staff base pitting and discoloring, and the biggest concern, the upholstering wrinkling with the feature lines misfit.  Compared to the 2010 Tahoe, the new Bennington doesn't measure up in these areas. My dealer tells me that Bennington is going to take a look at my boat and will determine appropriate fixes. But for a Bennington to have these problems is somewhat disappointing.  <br /><br />Another issue came up today when my maintenance guy was cleaning the Boat and discovered that one of the fasteners on the live well was broken <br /><br />Does anyone out there have these same issues or problems?..
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