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Prop for 2018 22SSRXP - 115 VMAX SHO

Discussion in 'Members Zone: Props and Power' started by raquettelaker2, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. raquettelaker2

    raquettelaker2 New Member

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    We're going into our third summer already with our 2018 22SSRXP. Love the boat, but because we use it primarily to travel in a straight line to our non-road-access camp I'm looking to eek out a little extra top speed. It's got the standard 25" twin pontoons.

    It's powered by a Yamaha 115 VMAX SHO which is rated for 5300-6300 WOT, currently with a 3 blade 13.5 x 15 aluminum prop. Current WOT is 6100rpm and my GPS says about 21mph with 3-4 people on board, which seems low? I was considering going to 4 blade, and have been reading all about pitch and diameter, but when I read anecdotal posts of people trying various props their performance results seem counter-intuitive to what I've read.

    Our purchase was slightly unique in that we ordered the boat new from a Bennington dealer but the engine was a leftover 2017 demo from a different Yamaha dealer, so I'm not sure how coordinated they were in putting a Bennington-recommended prop on. Any advice for this (or similar) setups would be appreciated!
  2. Titletown Mike

    Titletown Mike Active Member

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    With my experience and reading various posts on here, switching to a 4-blade prop will NOT increase your top speed. I've found the 4-blade prop to provide better hole shot and a 3-blade to provide more top end speed. I have a 90hp on a 20 SSX and I'm seeing a top speed of 22mph with 2 people and 3/4 tank of fuel with my 4-blade prop. I don't do tubing or skiing, so top end isn't as important to me as getting up to plane (if you can say that with a 90hp on a 20' pontoon). Your 22 footer will be heavier than my boat. With the 115hp, we're probably fairly equivalent, so 21 mph with 3-4 people doesn't seem bad to me.
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  3. the-little-B

    the-little-B Well-Known Member

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    Ive got a 90hp yamaha on a 20 footer and see 23-24 with 3-4 people and coolers etc. By myself i can run 27-28 mph. Im running cupped 13.5x13 and 13.5x14 3 blade props.

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