QX25 Ski Pylon mounting plate bushing part #


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I have a 2017 QX25 and when the dealer changed out my pontoons they did not drill out the bottom plate and put in the bushing or mount that the bottom of the ski pylon (2" tit as pictured) goes into, so my pylon will not seat all the way into the deck mount plate groves. They ordered the "whole kit" which came with the deck mount grooved plate and new ski pylon, but nothing for the bottom plate. The kit was ordered on 6/17 and just came in on 7/31, so who knows how long it will take for them to figure out the actual part number I need and then get it. The pics show where the tit is hitting the bottom plate and I would just drill the hole, but I need the bushing or whatever it sits in. I don't recall what was there before and the dealer has no clue either even after speaking with Bennington. I hope someone has a similar type of setup and can share a picture of that plate with some dimensions. Thx