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Replacement Cover - 2000 2275LX

Discussion in 'Owners Chat: Options and Upgrades' started by McTrini, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. McTrini

    McTrini New Member

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    Our 2000 2275 LX is still going strong, but I need a new cover. Any suggestions where to find (or have made) a replacement cover? We're on our 2nd cover, which finally gave out after heavy winds and rains brought on by the recent hurricanes down here (Georgia). Everything I've seen online so far are the generic boat covers with straps. I'm hoping to find something configured to this model/layout, attaches to original factory snaps.

    Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions!
  2. cwag911

    cwag911 Moderator

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    Denver, NC on beautiful Lake Norman
    You'll have to find a canvas shop to make you a cover or call Tumacs who does the covers for Bennington. The snaps will have to be added afterwards.

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