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Wash-down Switch Kept Getting Bumped

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by gnc1017, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. gnc1017

    gnc1017 Well-Known Member

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    Carlyle Lake, IL
    Being mounted in the rear aisle of our center walkout, on the side of one of the rear loungers (facing the opposite lounger), our washdown switch was inadvertently (and usually unknowingly) bumped to the on position more times than I can count. It has a plastic bezel/guard around the rocker but it's amazing how it would still get bumped on. We intend to rewire it through a relay from a spare Aux switch on the dash (then both must be on for it to run). However, for now, we flush-mounted it back into the seat instead of on the surface.

    To do so, we just took a small aluminum plate and copied the stainless one it was mounted to. With some longer screws and a few spacers, mounting the switch within the seat, with the switch bezel behind and flush up against the old stainless front cover bracket hopefully will significantly reduce the problem. Note that we did have to use a Dremel to make the old front cover bracket opening a bit taller to allow the clearance for the rocker within the opening. Overall, wasn't too bad to do though and we had all the materials laying around the shop (or could easily be found at the local hardware store).

    If you are having the same issue we did, hopefully this provides a solution.

  2. dannyleininger

    dannyleininger Well-Known Member

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    Lake Wales Florida
    Nice install! We have ordered the Washdown on our 22SSX also. The build is scheduled for Jan 21st, so I don't really know where the washdown switch is located. Thanks for the pics
  3. Michiman

    Michiman Well-Known Member

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    Okemos, MI
    Thanks for sharing your "workaround". Our washdown switch is located on our midship bar and is out of the way, so it hasn't been a problem. Perhaps Team Bennington will take notice!

    For those of you that are ordering the washdown, my biggest problem was that the brass "twist" nozzle that comes with it doesn't completely turn off. Because we have a sink, we would generally just leave the pump on and after a while the washdown tube would fill with water and start dripping down the side. After receiving a replacement under warranty that did the exact same thing, I went out and bought an old fashion "grip" style spray nozzle from the local hardware store and solved my problem.
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