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Watermat Search

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by Chad DeKing, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Chad DeKing

    Chad DeKing New Member

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    I'm going to get the family a 18'-24' waterman to add to their lake fun this summer. We have a 2015 2550RSR. After my research it looks like Paradisepad, Watermats and Wavepads are the most durable and buoyant on the market and they are all made in the US. I would appreciate any assistance and personal experiences (e.g. durability, buoyancy, best way/location to attached while pontoon is moving). Thanks!
  2. Jack M

    Jack M Moderator

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    Petoskey Michigan
    I have an aqua lily pad . http://aqualilypad.com/ Only used it once .There is no place to transport on mine ( RCW ) without taking up the walkway . Also transporting to our marina is a pain unless you have a pickup . If we lived lakefront ,it would get used .
  3. gnc1017

    gnc1017 Well-Known Member

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    Carlyle Lake, IL
    You should take a look at the HO Play Pad too. We have the large (15x5) and highly recommend. The larger is definitely worth the extra $. It is heavy duty PVC inflatable drop-stitch construction.

    It folds up to the size of a small suitcase in just a couple minutes. Not quite as much surface area as the large water mats but still big enough for our group. The kids absolutely love it and being so portable, we have it with us (stowed just behind the helm seat and still put a small soft side cooler on top) and we use it pretty much every trip out.

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