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Weeds clog the center motor mount and M bracket, Reduce performance

Discussion in 'Members Zone: Props and Power' started by noburn402, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. noburn402

    noburn402 New Member

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    Weeds clog the M bracket openings and the engine mount area at an unprecedented rate and drop me to less than half speed. I clear the weeds manually and it works fine until I encounter more weeds. I do not have to be in heavy weeds for this to happen, it is cumulative with scattered grasses or weeds. I am not sure of the solution but I think if the openings were sealed off this would drastically reduce this problem. Also, I thought with the saltwater edition, elliptical tubes, lifting strakes, and the rough water package that the under-deck would be sealed, and all welds on the lifting strakes and foils would have a continuous weld to prevent salt water from getting into areas hard to flush.

    Anyone know the answer to what comes with these upgrades? Shouldn't the entire under-deck including and welds be fully sealed? 

    In Florida's fresh waters it is against the law to transport ANY weeds from one body of water to another.

    I am powered with a VMAX SHO 115 and the engine collects very little weeds and they are easy to clear. It is just when the boat collects the weeds the performance is greatly reduced.

    My boat is a new 2017 21' SSX. 

    Any one else having this issue?

    Any ideas for a solution?
  2. Steve21slx

    Steve21slx Well-Known Member

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    Boones Landing, Ky
    I don't deal with weeds to much being on the river but I do deal with small sticks and they do get stuck between the bottom of my transom and the motor shaft area. You can usually tell right away and I just stop the motor raise it and move on. 
  3. lakeliving

    lakeliving Well-Known Member

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    Michigander living In Palm City FL
    We have some weeds in our lake but the only place the collect is the transducer and it is a small amount. Regarding the sealed strakes, that is an option in addition to the saltwater package (at least it was on my 14')
  4. ssc

    ssc Well-Known Member

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    Riverside, CA, Lake Havasu, AZ
    Today was the first time I have had a "weed" issue. After a drive through the Channel, I was accelerating past the wake zone and the motor felt like it was cavitating. I assumed weeds, and stopped. I lifted the motor up and what appeared to look like a prehistoric dodo bird nest floated away. All was then good.

    Cheers, Steve

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