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What is the height of the table post on a 20slx?

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by CharlesH, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. CharlesH

    CharlesH New Member

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    We got a great deal on a 2016 20slx off craigslist and have it in storage already. It had some minor damage to it and over the winter I'm slowly getting parts in time for spring. The table post got bent and I plan on replacing it, but need to know what the height of it was. Thanks
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  2. myv10

    myv10 Well-Known Member

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    Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Call Bennington, i will give you the #. They are very helpful. They have specs for everything.

    [SIZE=11pt]888.906.2628 ext 238[/SIZE]


     This is the internet specialist, Her name is Malissa. 

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