Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300


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Everything is customizable. My DEC package originally showed the SIMRAD setup and I said no - I was going to use my aftermarket MFD (Garmin) to pull engine data which made any expensive interface no longer necessary. So I opted for the round 6y8 Yamaha gauges as the base set to save $$ and have an Echomap Ultra 106v for the bells and whistles. The Yam CL7 is much nicer than the 6y8 but also more expensive - again the Garmin can be set up to mirror the engine data in a CL7 format.

Bottom line - you have lots of options and the great thing about Bennington is that they will do whatever is possible to make you happy!
Any chance you can translate all of that into English? LOL. It's been some time since I read a paragraph and when I was done said to myself, "I don't understand one thing I just read!" LOLOL.