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    Kicker KMC1 upgrade

    Worth watching ............. good general info.
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    just dealt with this on a new to me 2020. Lack of power steering led me to figure out second battery not properly charging. Power steering is/was hooked to non charging battery.
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    Ceramic coating - worth it

    The one on the left, Renew.
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    Ceramic coating - worth it

    I used a spray on ceramic coating last summer on my Malibu Wakesetter. I was shocked how well it worked. Water stains didn't happen because water beaded up and rolled off. I applied at start of season and reapplied some horizontal areas mid-summer. I sprayed on, and wiped off. Simple. Will be...
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    Missing rocker switch cover

    Lot's of aftermarket covers available. I customized mine several times so far. I have a 2007 ! Sorry I don't have a link for you................................
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    Hydro Hoist Boat Lift

    Please don't over think this folks. All 3 toons are supported when your boat is floating, why not support all 3 when storing them ?
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    How much did you use it?

    The hour meters on both boats rolled past the 500 hour mark this summer. 2007 , 2577 RFS saw 100 hours again this summer. We bought it with 150 hours on it. Our 2011 Malibu VTX also saw 100 hours of use. Bought used with 185 hours on the meter. We ski early morning , surf in the afternoons ...
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    KMC1 Media center has no sound?

    this just happened to me in my family room ! My "bluetooth" function was sending the sound to another set of speakers. Don't know if your head unit is tryin to do same ??????
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    Replacement Rear Bimini Strut

    Call your dealer. My 2007 didn't have such a thing. I added it by using scrap material a dealer had laying around !
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    Trailer with surge brakes

    Tandem axle trailer for a 5,000 lb. wake boat, surge brakes work great. Had to pull the pin a couple times to maneuver around. A non-issue from my point of view............................................................
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    Short windshield

    Anyway to lower your seat ? Might be easier than a windshield ?
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    I see why summer is the week of July 4 in Northern MI

    Ketchup............ not catsup............ for sure ! 4 years at Michigan Tech taught me so.
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    Best boat lift recommendations ?

    Spend another $1K (if you have power at the boat) and buy a lift motor. That hand crank wheel will wear you out. (I have two of the wheels hanging in my shed !! )
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    The loss of my best friend

    Said goodbye to Laci in 2016. Best dog ever. Said hello to Phoebe in 2018. In training to be "new" best dog ever.
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    Smarte Jack lift wheels

    I bought the boatlift lift this winter at a show. Expensive , but works perfectly. Used it to put two lifts in a month ago. After years of doinking around with inner tubes, straps, floaties, etc. , I couldn't be happier. One man job as advertised.