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    base vs seagrass vs bamboo flooring

    We have sea grass going on 7 years and it’s been nothing but easy clean up and durable. Can get hot in the sun, but anything else similar will do the same. Also seems to have more of a padding than standard vinyl. Just my 2 cents!
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    Need larger fuel tank

    My 24SSLX W/sps200 has a 32gallon tank in the center toon. If you have storage in the center toon I’m sure you get a can in there and with a little ventilation would be fine, we run the heck out of ours all week and I only usually fill it up one time.
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    Speed effects on weight and weight distribution when skiing

    Welcome to the club! I’dverify your prop and start there. My boat is a 24SSLX W/Evinrude 200hp (non HO-don’t ask) Our boat did 42 with the prop the dealer installed. Boat handled ok. Switched to a 15pitch rebel from a 16pitch viper and man what a world of difference. Almost 30% less fuel...
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    Boating Memes:

    Making your own memes?
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    What size motor?

    You’ll never buy horsepower cheaper them when you buy the boat. As stated in previous posts, no one ever complained of too much horsepower, fill out the horsepower tag on the boat you won’t be disappointed!
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    Weighed the tongue weight of our rig, shocked!

    Don’t try an reinvent the wheel, the reason you found no solid answer is because there isn’t just one right answer. Every truck /trailer combination can and will be different. If you didn’t have enough tongue weight for application you would of known right away as you stated you’ve towed this a...
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    Fresh Cab rodent repellant. Bought it the local ACE.
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    Our next boat will have dual tops, our factory rear top already has the zipper for the front, for $1500 I’m re-thinking it!
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    Tri-toon Storage...What do you store?

    Kids......bad kids fit in there!!! We mostly store tubes/wake board, case of water, extra bumpers etc. there’s a little lip at the top edge the an expandable hook pole lays right in so I can flip it from my seat and grab anything overboard. I wouldn’t buy one without but we don’t live in the...
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    I use these little bags that have some weird aroma to them, bought them at the local ACE hardware, they supposedly hate the smell, I’ve never had mice anywhere near these bags and smell didn’t bother me and went away after the cover was off for awhile. I’ll look for a brand. Been using them in...
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    Removal of black skirt on top of toons and below deck?

    I removed mine to get to the seat base bolts. Didn’t seem like a big deal just definitely want a second set of hands to eliminate any catastrophic events!
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    So whats this handle for?

    We have a 24SSLX and have the same handle. Our dealer stated it could be used by the person seated at the table for a grab handle but said it was probably used on a different floor plan and was just a standard on the end of the furniture.
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    Speed with loaded down boat

    We have a 24SSLX w/200 etec and we constantly run 36-38 with 8 adults. You’ve either got really dirty toons or something is wrong!!
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    Top Speed for 2019 23 SSB SPS W/ Mercury 250 XL

    I would think mid to high 40’s light, probably high 30’s to 40 with a decent load.
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    Engine size for 22" Tritoon SPS

    it’s always easier to pull back on the stick then push for more and have none!! You’ll NEVER buy horsepower for less than you can when you purchase the boat!! Trust me on that one!!