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    Dash Switches

    I only replaced the switch covers. The existing switches i have light up when turned on. Ach/Nav switch turns on all switch back lights.
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    Accessory Buttons

    One more bit of info to add. If you order from both websites (stock and custom) and you let them know with a message when filling out your order they will combine the order for shipment, saving a few bucks on shipping costs.
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    Accessory Buttons

    New Wire Marine is the sister company for stock (not custom) switch covers.
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    Accessory Buttons

    The Rocker Pro switch covers are laser etched. So, no image to fade. Allows the back light to show through.
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    Accessory Buttons

    I also ordered new switch covers from Rocker Switch Pros to replace my 13 year old, faded rocker switch covers. One custom and and 5 from the stock selections. I din't get any of the novelty ones. Kinda wish I had though. Good company. Great service and fast delivery. Replacement is very easy...
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    CAD = Computer Aided Drafting. Used mostly in all types of design and architecture. Took the place of pencils and drafting tools.
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    Outriggers on your Bennington?

    I would like to see some pics or video of them in action please.
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    ...and that is what life should be all about.
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    Again, I don't know what else I can add. I never met the man but he also helped me during my short time on this forum. I hope his family can take some comfort in knowing he was a good man and had a good life.
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    Guardian Angels we’re watching over us.

    Glad to hear only received relatively minor injuries. We have a Grand Cherokee that my wife drives. Its good to know it did its job in an accident. Never ever thought about a dash cam before. I am now.
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    Portable Gas Can Recommendation

    Another vote for the super siphon. I have tried several other methods and this has worked best for me. I also place a towel on the seat. I have good old fashioned metal gas cans. Empties a 5 gallon can in a couple minutes. I can take several cans with this one siphon. This year I am also going...
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    I don't know what else to add that hasn't already been said. I am part of the prayer chain as well.
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    How long will a tank of treated non ethanol gas last

    The ethanol or no-ethanol gas is crap. Plain and simple. Treatment is always necessary? Even for non-ethanol fuel. How much fuel are you talking about? My advice, since you asked, would be to dispose of the old fuel and get fresh fuel for the season and treat that new fuel. To me, you need to...
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    Plastic Bimini Knobs

    I’m a big fan of overkill.
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    A short story...

    I am glad to hear that people are taking the time to listen to others. For me, the only thing your life is really worth in the end are the stories that you created. All too often people are in too much of a hurry to listen to anyone or find out anything about them. In my opinion, The Greatest...