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    Hurricane tie down?

    Our place is gone. 150mph+ wind but the 7-10’ storm surge did us in. Boats are flung everywhere.
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    That is really crazy. I bought mine a month or so before the pandemic and if my memory serves me right, I paid 1200 for all three.
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    docking aids

    I bought the long one 2 years ago for 109.00 on Amazon prime. It was a great purchase. Now it’s 169.00 on Amazon. Yikes!
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    I have the same bunks and very pleased with them. Pricey, but worth it.
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    cleaning boat

    I have the same on the textured tape. I guess mine could be a warranty issue
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    Huge Mistake - Anyway to Fix it?

    We chose not to have because the the previous reasons already postEd. Also our boat is on a lift about 30 steps from the house.
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    Gas Prices?

    5.89 at Marina in Ft Myers Beach today. I keep a couple Benjamin’s tucked in the wallet just for fuel.
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    Slip cost.....

    It’s hard to rent or buy a slip down here. People are buying 1M$ & up high rise condos on the water with no boat slips so they buy slips wherever they are available and paying a premium price for them.
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    Power Pole

    As Potomacbassin mentioned the pole may twist in a strong current but will not break. I have experienced seeing my 10’ power pole blade twist pretty hard, but it never damaged. it has been a great option for our type of boating.
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    Power Pole

    Go to the power pole website. They show all the mounting brackets for a pontoon. I would think any power pole dealer can order the right one for you. Here is the link:
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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    We have a table for bow and stern on our quad bench fastback. We don’t use both tables a lot, but it is handy when having a nice group on board.
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    Single or double bimini Houston

    Yes. so is my family and friends.
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    Single or double bimini Houston

    We bought a boat that was in stock. It had everything we essentially wanted, but my wife insisted on having a front Bimini installed. She was right. Our boat is in SW Florida and it gets very hot here. We ended up paying the dealer about 1k more that what it would have cost if it was installed...
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    Xmas gifts

    Yes Your posting prompted me to show an interest in wanting one and my daughter bought it for me as a Fathers Day gift.
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    Xmas gifts