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    Fuel tank

    Had a 52 gallon tank on our 2275 RL I/O. It was good on gas as long as we weren't mashing that throttle skiing or something. The price of ethanol free gas is at $4.19 on our lake now. Like I've always said ......If it needs it fill it up!!! We've spent alot of money on these boats! Enjoy them!!!
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    A Couple Questions from a newbie to Pontoons

    Another option for you..... Yup at least 3 fenders per side if you really want to protect it.
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    Retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer, can be a real pain!

    Good job! That's one thing I've never done......driven any of our boats onto their trailer. We've just floated it on.......
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Yup I remember when they beat the Hawkeyes! When Appalachian St. beat Michigan and when JMU beat Virginia Tech. I love it when the smaller schools beat the Big boys! Hopefully JMU can continue it's run and make it to the end!
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    Retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer, can be a real pain!

    Like a Pro!!! Think you've done this before......
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    The Bison has nothing to hang their heads about. They've been whipping up on people for years! I know they have their bar set high with all the good teams they have been blessed to have and all the National Championships they have won! Most teams would be thrilled to make the playoffs and play...
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

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    Storage of Bowrider Bennington

    Nautical on this forum had one of his toons scratched to hell by a fork on his old R. And they are supposed to be carpeted.....
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    Storage of Bowrider Bennington

    At least the forklift operator was able to pick your boat up. When we first moved to Lake Norman we inquired about keeping our boat at the local Benny dealership. But the configuration of the I/O motorpod made it about impossible to get the "forks" in between the motorpod and the outside toons...
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    The loss of my best friend

    How can you say no to those eyes?!?
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    Comment by 'BigKahuna' in media '9B9364FB-DB3E-42CA-88A5-93E99D0ED992.jpeg'

    Very nice Kozzie! Isn't it getting cold there now?!?
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    I'm thinking your going to need at least a simple fluke anchor as your main anchor that digs in your lake bed to hold your boat regardless of wind or waves. Maybe you can use the mushroom as your secondary stern anchor......
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    Fabric guard

    I haven't used 303 fabric guard but I used to buy a gallon container of Starbrite waterproofing spray. I used to spray the mooring cover let it dry then spray it again to make sure I didn't miss any areas. I used to also spray the carpet twice to waterproof it and I still had a bit left over...
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    Simrad GO 7 Fuel Information

    This is actually the 5. I'm sure you can get something similar on your 7. Or better!!!
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    Simrad GO 7 Fuel Information

    You can put it where you want