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    Just ordered

    I have always had dual batteries on my boat except for the new Benny. I oreder it with a single battery. The second weekend out someone left the accesory switch on :o I went to the ramp, put the boat in and no power :angry: . Luckly a friend was putting his boat in at the same time and was...
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    Speedo Antenna

    Well nobody else has responded so I will. I have no idea what you are talking about :) Do you have an currently have a speedo in your boat? Most marine speedos moperate off a tube that is ran from a pick up on the outdrive to the speedo. On the newer GPS driven antennas I would guess they have...
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    Winter prep on 4 stroke Mec 115

    There is no need to run antifreeze into a outboard. Just store it with the motor all the way down and the water will drain out. I will put stabil in the gas tank ( full ). change oil and lower unit lube. You can fog if you want I probably will. Remove batteries and I'm ready for winter. One of...
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    Kaydano, That is a small storage compartment or glove box.
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    ordering 20sli

    Hey Bassn, congrats on your purchase. I didn't realize that you had a 70hp limit. I am sure you will you love the boat and I have heard some good things about the Bigfoot motors.
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    24 SSL

    With the ESP package you have the larger middle toon and thicker nose cones .080 vs .100. And I imagine that the helm on the R series is heavier at least it looks bigger. But even then I'm not sure all that adds up to almost 1000 lbs. Maybe TB can help out.
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    Fuel System Winterization

    I have always filled my tank and just added stabil. I do try and use ethanol free gas but I have winterized with 10% ethanol and have never had any problems. We rarly see 20 below in Kansas City but we do have our share of sub zero degree weather.
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    ordering 20sli

    Hi Bassn, welcome to the forum. As far as performance I would imagine that both motors would be about the same. I do see alot of 60 bigfoots on pontoons they seem pretty popular with the slow cruisen crowd. If you can swing it upgrade the motor to at least a 90 with a 115 preferabe. This is...
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    24 SSL

    Congrats on your new baby. Now get some 303 protectant, excellant UV protection for your vinyl. Nothing quite like driveway crusin :D . Of course pretty soon some of your nieghbors may begin to question your sanity :lol:
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    Bimini Damage

    Mine is the same as Fyrfightr. It is always very tight.
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    Bimini Damage

    Just curious, how fast were you going? I know about the speed recommendation that TB mentioned. However I always leave my bimini open at all speeds. I have done this with all my boats regardless of mfg recommendations. I too have wondered if this design would give me trouble.
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    Lake Texoma

    Thanks Geoffrey, Your concern is appreciated :)
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    Comparing boats

    Hey Loonymoose, I had the same perception. On my way home from viewing the remains of my last boat ( destroyed in a storage fire ) I stopped at a boat dealer that I knew carried Benningtons. I remember walking in and telling the salesmen that I sure liked the Benningtons but they were way out...
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    Lake Texoma

    Matthew, thanks for the tip. I am aquainted with Zebra mussels, we have then in my home lake. I do make sure everything has dried out so I don't transfer them when I go to other lakes. Not sure now if we are going anytime soon. My wife has been having some heart issues so all of our plans are on...
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    24 SSL

    Nice pics. I'm looking forward to your performance results. I still say 27 - 28 mph tops. I will give you a warning, do not drive a boat with ESP :P