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    What did you name your boat?

    Misty Morning
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    cleaning carpet

    My carpet is clean. Any recommendations on raising the nap?
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    Playpen cover

    I just received a new playpen cover for my G series . It does not have the rear strap . Has anyone received a replacement like this and was it a problem ? 
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    Horn issues

    I called Bennington and they said to try mounting the horn pointing backwards.????
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    Horn issues

    I plan to call Bennington. The horn is replaced by the dealer but goes bad in one or two uses. Seems pitiful for such a fine boat.
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    Horn issues

    I have a 2014 G series and the last horn had a screen like cover....seems like it did not help.
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    Console light

    I would like to know if the hour indicator lights up when the console is lIt? I can read the compass but not the hours. Chris
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    Water in captains seat back flap

    I have an upgraded seat in my boat. Lately there has been a lot if water in the flap behind the seat. I fold th seat back before covering. Nothing on the boat is wet. It is a mystery!
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    Do you keep your bimini top up or down most times?

    Ours is up most of the time. We put it down before docking on windy days
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    Keeping the bow door open...and doing it cleanly.

    Do you have that stop on both doors?
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    Do you boat at night?

    Our favorite time on the water is at night . You can't beat it ! The water is like glass. Good music,good friends and a great boat....nothing like it! We have lights in the biminy it is my favorite time to be on the water.
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    How did you get your boat picture on your profile. I tried but it said the file was too large

    How did you get your boat picture on your profile. I tried but it said the file was too large
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    I tried to post my boat pic under my name but it says the file is too
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    Horn issues

    We have had our horn replaced each year and it strips working in less than a month . The build is a G series 2014.I have checked both connections still no horn. A little frustrated.