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    anyone happy without a 115 plus engine?

    I think what you need to consider is what you will use the boat for. I love my 2050 SL with a Yamaha 50 for slow cruising and at the sand bar, but when I want to ski or wakeboard I use my Mastercraft prostar. If you want to do watersports and can only have one boat a tritoon with a big engine...
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    Tow rope with spring clips on either end

    I would advise against using any tow line with metal clips, hooks, springs on the end because of the issue mentioned. If the line breaks under stress it will snap back at a very high speed and the metal could hit someone causing death or severe injury. A better option is a strap with end loops...
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    The most important question on this site.

    4 in movable cup holders 4 in the table 2 in the dash 1 in the sunpad 11 total, but the boat is rated for 13 ppl. so i need 2 more.
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    bennington sedona

    I came up with about 14,000 to 15,000 using NADA guides, and I know the last year they made Sedonas was 2008. In 2009 they became the S Benningtons. As for the warrenty I think Bennington lets you transfer the hull warrenty to a new buyer for 10 years and you are out on the motor. No idea on...
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    adding interior lights

    Yes I did use the live well switch, but it says AUX on my boat. The live well switch was defective and I asked for a replacement that said AUX. The positve is the switched tab on the switch and I used the negative that is used to light the switches. I did it a some time ago so I don't...
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    Full Faux Teak Flooring

    I was thinking about using faux teak on the back deck of my pontoon, but I heard that it gets really hot in the sun. Anyone have experience with this?
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    E10 Fuel Tank Storage Question

    I guess I could have explained it better, so I'll try again. Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it pulls water out of the air, so after some time phase separation occurs and a layer of water is at the bottom of the tank where the pickup is. The reason this is a problem for boats more than...
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    E10 Fuel Tank Storage Question

    Bulldog, you have way too much trust in goverment. They did not mandate e10 because it is good for car and boat engines, they did it for special interests(enviromenalists and farmers lobbies). The 2 main problems with e10 are damage to lines and seal (this has been taken care of on newer...
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    E10 Fuel Tank Storage Question

    Do you have any older engines that you could use this old e10 fuel in? I would be just as worried about using it in a 2010 truck, but old cars and engines seem to be more forgiving of old fuel. Then leave it empty for the winter. I normally put stabil in with the fuel while it is new and fill...
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    Michigan's Best Bennington dealer

    I vote for Wilson Marine, Brighton. I love to go there.
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    New to Bennington, and pontoons

    1. it seems like the previous owner was wrong about the steering. You should lube that cable at the engine end, there should be grease fittings you can get to when the engine is trimed down. Turn the steering so that the bar is all the way in otherwise you may add too much grease and not be...
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    Help me make my boat better!! :)

    I have a friend at my dock , he has a 2009 2275 gli with a 90 yamaha 4 stroke and it tops out at about 25mph and it is not planning, the tubes are still about 1/2 in the water. By the 2009 brochure his boat is 2244lbs. w/o engine. Your 2075 is 2194lbs. now and with the 3 tubes it will be...
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    Help me make my boat better!! :)

    2009, that makes it work, with 3 25" tubes the 2075 is rated for 150 hp.
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    Help me make my boat better!! :)

    I am using the 2010 Bennington brochure spec page 23 for a resource and according to it a 20' G series is rated for 115 hp with the express performance package. What resource are you using? By this brochure you would need to go to the STD or ESP performace package to be rated for 150. The STD...
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    Carpet Alternatives for Front Bunks

    I have seen plastic bunk replacements in overton's catalog, but have not used them because they are a lot more expensive than carpet over wood.