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    New 2018 21' SLXP is here

    love your boat please email me have lots of questions I want one I have a g 2015 now
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    Kicker KMC 10 stereo reception

    you guys make me laugh. in this day and age why would anyone use an fm radio?????????????iphones, Bluetooth, amazon , my goodness....the best of everything and all at super sound why in the world would anyone want to hear an antique radio. Guys get with it, I am 78 and enjoying great music and...
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    seems like most people, like myself, want to keep their boat nice and clean but without all that...

    seems like most people, like myself, want to keep their boat nice and clean but without all that hastle of putting the playpen cover on after each trip. I had a very simple idea but with the help of my canvas guy,was able to execute for a reasonable price. I thought a simple thing like a fitted...
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    boat cover

    boat cover
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    at cover

    at cover
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    2015 -2550 gsr just arrived

    wow I can't believe it. seems like I was waiting and waiting forever and now I have had my boat for almost 6 months. It has been a wonderful 6 months of fishing and cruising but now it's time to put her away for a few and head back to NY boating on long island for the summer. security will be...
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    I'm sick. First damage to boat...

    ps I also have monitoring of camera on an app for my iPhone and ipad. love it
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    I'm sick. First damage to boat...

    On the subject of security cameras. I have been using ip cameras for years and they are great. 24/7 security with sound and emails me a 20 sec video clip of any motion in the cameras view, cameras run around $150 and software for monitoring(blue iris) is about $50. to view you may have to...
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    New boat owner

    im sorry I didn't order the double bimini on my new 2550gsr. now they want $2000. does that seem right? ps I love the boat
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    Welcome to Club Bennington

    anyone know the cost of getting a second bimini on my g2550?
  11. IMG 1607

    IMG 1607

  12. IMG 1608

    IMG 1608

    problem was keeping the Italian flag lower than old glory and taylor products solved my problem. I also fly a 12x18 US flag from my bimini.
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    my next challenge is where to put my poles when I go out fishing
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    New playpen cover

    hope your dealer wasn't a Florida dealer
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    New playpen cover

    sorry you had such a disinterested dealer but I am curious as to why you didn't order a new playpen cover from Bennington? Sunbrella is very heavy and were they going to use the quick clip system on your new cover? I am 76 and like  LITE weight and easy. I have a new boat love the quick clip...