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    OOPS I have a battery motor problem

    A quick search on this problem yielded: You could have smoked the suppression diode harness connecting the start wire going to the start solenoid. Without getting that fixed every time you go to start it, it will pop a fuse.
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    fuel line issue - need help -

    Sounds like you've checked everything and replaced everything except the fuel line its self. If you're mechanic friend said it will take the motor and transom removal to get to the entire fuel line for inspection or replacement, do it. That engine is light enough to lift off by hand.
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    2016 Bennington 24slx tritoon question

    To my understanding, Bennington toons are chambered and do not have any drain plugs. They would have to drill a hole in the spot where they know the water is, pressure test it to find the leak and then fix the leak and hole they drilled in the tube by TIG welding aluminum back in the holes. I...
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    Cooler suggestions?

    I know this is an older thread. The owners of YETI and RTIC used to be friends and co-owners of YETI. They had a fall out and one of them branched off and formed RTIC. Both companies are based in Houston and both are made in china.. I prefer Cordova, made in Idaho US of A.. I own a 88QT, Soft...
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    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    Man, you guys are brutal.. :D
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    How fast?

    I have a 21ft tri but its the express performance package, center toon does not go all the way back to the transom so its less buoyant and slower than the SPS or ESP hull. Only the center toon has lifting strakes on mine too. I'd say both of you need to prop chase. I go 31-32 MPH 4 adults with...
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    Check the fade (F&R) on the head unit.
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    Prop / Power Slippage: Comes & Goes, Reverse seems to Reset It

    You would think that its got enough power to spin it completely rounded out/stripped if the spline or HUB got damaged and it didn't move at all. I'm interested in the fix and or real problem from your dealer. Sucks to hear...
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    TY! If you don’t mind me asking, what RPM are you at WOT?
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    Thank you. I’m just trying to figure out what to expect MPH wise and have installed on mine with a 200 Vmax. I have the same boat on order. Don’t mean to jack the thread either.
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    What original post? I quoted his only post in this thread.
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    What prop are you running?
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    Lots of variables. If only one speaker does not work, check and see if your balance works on the head unit. If you get R&L sound, (not mono sound meaning all L or all R sound) then it could be the 3rd speaker, not the head unit. Hard to hear for this sometimes unless you play a song you know...
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    Boating Memes:

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    Oil change

    Interesting on the Ford Focus 2.0 filter... My first oil change I went with Red Line and the Yamaha filter.