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    Difference between 21 & 22 motor

    Sorry, but I couldn't resist. The difference is 1 year
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    Single or double bimini Houston

    Don't have the second Bimini deployed if you are waterskiing. I believe the rating is 15 mph.
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    Single or double bimini Houston

    A must to get relief from the sun. We have it and our fair skinned Irish family wouldn't have it any other way
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    How much did you use it?

    88 hrs. We ski in the morning. Tube in the afternoon. Cruise after dinner. Burned through 202 gallons of fuel this year.
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    Better late than never

    Even though it didn't hit the water, I hope you got a chance to get up in there and take a seat in the Captain's chair.
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    Retired Boat 1 and Boat 2 hit the Water

    Looks Sharp. The interior looks great with the black exterior. Enjoy
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    Porta Potty

    What happened to the good old days of a 5 - gallon bucket and a kitchen trash bag. Sorry, I'm old and spent 40 plus years working construction, LOL
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    Maiden Voyage!

    Congrats. Enjoy. Best of luck. Must have been chilly. I'm in N.Y. as well and it's still to cold for the Mrs.
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    Just cleaned my gross dried on algae toons EASY

    What kind of pole scrubber is that?
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    Help with Toon maintenance

    I don’t have Sharkhide on my Toons, so I’m not sure.
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    Help with Toon maintenance

    I’ve been using Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser for years. Found it works better than the powder version. A lot less waste on a windy day. We use the blue Scotch-Brite non scratch sponges to apply and work in the soft cleanser. I hit the toons with the power washer to thoroughly rinse...
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    Picking up our 1st Bennington Friday!!

    Boy oh Boy, I remember the day the dealer called and told me my boat came in. Very exciting.
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    New Pontoon

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    New to boating

    Weather Tech has a phone holder that fits in the cup holder
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    anchor rope

    I’m not sure about a box anchor, although I’ve heard they require less line to hold. For non-box anchors it all depends on depth of water where you will be anchoring your boat. I’ve gone by the general rule of thumb: Three times depth for calm water. Five times depth for rough water. You need...