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    Sony Bluetooth Head Unit

    Where is your battery located?  Perhaps a run from the battery outboard of the starboard toon, to the underside of the deck and then up and into the helm area through the existing pass-through in the deck?
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    Electric water hose

    There is only one model of portable outdoor washdown pumps offered by TRAC, Wholesale Marine just got a little creative with their specs.  See TRAC's website - It may have a max 4G/min capacity pump, but the output flow rate is only 2G/min - all models are max...
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    2007 model upholstery changed color over the winter!!!

    I don't have a mildew problem, but want to have some of that on hand just in case.  Sign me up for a bottle.
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    Sony Bluetooth Head Unit

    I would cut the wire leads for the existing headunit, then splice the Sony headunit into those connections keeping the existing Bennington harness connectors intact. *edit - Be certain to use the Sony headunit inline power supply fuse rather than the one from the old headunit.
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    Sea Legs for Pontoon Boat

    Another consideration is compatibility with the pontoon configuration you desire.  For example, Sea Legs cannot be installed on tri-toons or express packages.  I have not checked recently but have heard that there is a version compatible with ellipticals.  Standard Sea Legs work fine with 25"...
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    Perimeter L.E.D lighting

    I did go with inline amplifiers on each side.  So each side has the short LED section first, then an inline amp.  Works great.  I initially used separate amps for each side so I could run red/green like nav lights, but found that the IR controllers were too sensitive, trying to change one side...
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    Trim Question

    As I recall the gauge reading must be adjusted at the sensor to ensure that the full up and full down trim positions are displayed within acceptable parameters at the gauge. Also there is only so much adjustment possible at the sensor. As a result, no two setups are the same, and for every...
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    LED Heads up

    I'd also be curious about how long they have been in service, and if cut, were the ends sealed? I'm noticing that the copper connections in Buckman's pics are showing signs of darkening or tarnish; I'm guessing from humidity. When the strips are sent from the factory, they are in meticulously...
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    LED Heads up

    Thanks for the heads up! Do you mind sharing the make or model# of those LEDs?
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    pontoon log question

    Bulkheads? I always wondered why there were multiple plugs on the top of my toons. Anyway, 3psi is so low, what's the recommended tool to use? - a turkey baster? Seriously, is there a tool for this? In my minds eye, I see a plug with a T fitting in it. At the top is a low pressure gauge...
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    Docking replacement globes

    I suggest contacting the nearest Bennington Dealer, or if these is none nearby, contacting Bennington Customer Service, as I found that some aspects of the warranty can be transferred. On the nav globe, best to check the connections from the globe to power and ground for corrosion/ loose...
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    Playpen cover bag?

    That's what I get for running off and doing research - missed this completely. Very nice offer Rockie69, and nice catch Semper!
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    Playpen cover bag?

    I will have to take a look at the Bennington Playpen storage bag. Derrick and Jsb6pts make good points about moisture. I may have to look for a breathable fabric. My hopes were for something that would help shape the folded cover into a size appropriate for under seat storage, as well as...
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    Docking replacement globes

    Post some pictures of what you do have. Maybe others here will have a match and chime in with make and model numbers.
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    Bilge Pump

    Wernminator, if you have the 29-RM1100A, then it is a fully automatic bilge pump. When you have your switch on Auto opposed to manual, the pump has an integral sensor that acts a float switch by electrical resistance (or some such), basically when water level around the pump reaches a height...