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    Cladded Arch

    The cladded arch & sport arch are 2 different models, Cladded are fiberglass & do fold down with a push of a button, starting with the 2019 model The 2018 had a crank. My avatar shows the down position.
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    About to order my first Bennington!

    Good to see you got the Swingback railing. Enjoy your Bennington.
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    Wolverine trailer

    I bought a super duty trailer from Mid America trailers, in less than a year in the water just 2 times it rusted so bad the paint peeled off in sheets. Must have been bad prep work. The owner of trailer distributor Paul of Pauls Marine got me a new trailer from Flote-on at no charge. Beautiful...
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    Time to upgrade the R23

    I also would be interested my 25 QSBA with 300 V8 46.5 best I've seen. 45.5 all day. I believe Enertia 14.5 x 17. Q are very heavy plus 1000 lbs for the arch. Guessing 49 with the 350
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    Waterless car wash

    Original bike spirits spray cleaner & polish. works great
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    Lift conversion

    Like Illinois said, lots of talk on this subject. Don't forget 3 bunks add to guiding the tritoon in windy weather. You will be much happier trust me.
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    Motor advice for 23RSB with EPS

    The DTS feels very smooth, no cable resistance, power steering standard. Don't forget AMS, huge motor mounts to suck up any vibration.
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    Power-Assist Hydraulic Steering

    Many people think Hydraulic steering is power steering. Not. Drive one with power assist & see the difference even on 150hp.
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    23RSBA open arch floor braces

    Have a 25 QSBA with captain chairs, you can get the L-shaped seating in a swingback, but only the cladded arch. Never had a problem with stubbed toes, I wrapped my arch brace with neoprene looks great.
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    Prop selection for Q25 w/300 Verado

    I've got an 2019 25 QSBA (arch boat) 300 verado V8. The RPM on this motor is 5200-6000 WOT. I'm running the 17p enertia, with myself, GF, & 100lb. Lab, 20 gallons fuel, 2-4 hours on engine, short bursts 44.5 MPH. now with 9.5 hrs same conditions its picked up to 46.5. These boats with an arch...
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    2019 23 RSB Purchase - Dumb ? on elevated helm

    Same here, I have a 2019 25 QSBA looks just like Vpracer. Can't stand the look or feel of the textured fiberglass. What about getting Seadek to make a template for the paised helm area?