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    Seeking advice, new boat, MPH motor size, wake tower?

    About 2 to 2 1/2 mph in forward gear, no extra throttle so idle speed. 22SSX, Yamaha F200
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    Garmin Striker 4 screen too dark

    I'm not familiar with Garmins, but is there a backlight you can turn on to help you see the screen better so you can adjust settings? This is what I found online in the manual: (irritated at work today, so checking out the forum to cool down a bit)
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    Replacement Anchor Light

    Here is a link to the replacement mount I bought for mine on Amazon. You would have to buy the light post separately, but I'm sure Perko sells a few that fit. Also, below is a link to this product on Perko's website. One of the answers to questions about this item on Amazon states the hole...
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    What it’s all about

    So true! This is really what it's about.
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    The List

    Thanks, really appreciate the info!
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    The List

    What multifunction gauge did you install?
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    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    I'm probably in the minority here, but for a 150 - 200 HP motor I think hydraulic steering is just fine. I have a 200 Yamaha on my 22SSX and it does not have power steering, just the Seastar Hydraulic. I pull plenty of tubers and do lots of S curves and I don't have a problem and don't feel...
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    Vehicle to tow

    I have a 2017 Ram 1500 with the 5.7 Hemi and it towed my 2016 22SSX with a 200 without a problem, but I defintely know the boat is there and feel it more on the hills. Your 1500 should be enough truck to tow your Benny. It might be you just need to get used to towing something that is bigger...
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    Swingback Issues

    Welcome to Lake Greenwood! I think the closest dealer is MarineMax Hall Marine in Greenville.
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    Which boat house bunk system/setup for tri-toon with ESP package?

    I recognize picture #1!:) Those bunks are actually supporting my tritoon with the SPS package. This works really well for me. I installed guides on the side to align my boat and the tubes rest perfectly on the bunks when I raise the lift.
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    PTM Edge mirror

    I can't remember if the tape is on the rail sides or rail top on mine and boat is covered right now. Can you slip something like dental floss between rail and bracket and saw through tape with it? I know guys do this to remove badging on trucks/cars.
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    Vacationing in the Philippines

    Vacationing for a few weeks. A little island hopping today. Philippino pontoon boat and party at the sandbar.
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    Performance of SL 21 with 150 Or Slx with 200

    I have 22SSXAPG with Yamaha F200 and SPS. So far, top speed with 3 people and full tank has been 43 mph, but motor is in lowest hole and needs to be raised up 1 hole. I had 12 people on the boat and top speed was 33 mph and I could have gone a bit faster if I had played with the trim. Also...
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    Welcome to Club Bennington

    The Bennington warranty needs to be transferred by an authorized dealer. If you did not buy through an authorized dealer, get in touch with Bennington to find the closest dealer, then link up with them to transfer the warranty.
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    Cost to upgrade... Frustrated?

    I just checked the Bennington website for building a boat. The MSRP difference between a 115 Yamaha and a 150 is about $3,600. A $4K difference at the dealer to upgrade does not seem too out of line.