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  • We also are well known by OH, IL, & IN residents. There about 10 of us on this site on Cumberland and only a couple live in KY if that tells you anything. If you make it down, shoot me a PM and I'll gladly show you and your family around.
    Well, it depends on what you call open season. Some of the best Striper fishing is done over the winter. Traditionally the water is cold until mid May and the comfortable season goes through the end of September. Probably not much different than C. IL weather.

    The lake is lined with rolling hills and scattered waterfalls. In 2013, the water level should be high enough tosee 76 falls (goog...
    That's a good way of locating it. Does the entire lake have cool things like that? How early in does the season open down that way. We live in Northern IL but store it at my Folks in Central IL. Some year we were going to go to Kentucky Lake in the spring, but Cumberland Lake like it is not that much further.
    36.806484, -85.026659 copy and paste into Google Maps.

    That's the best way to find the waterfalls.
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