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    Upgrade or not?

    Well the 115 was sold before I could buy it.  I will look into strakes. 
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    Upgrade or not?

    So I have a 2075GL with a Yamaha F75 4 stroke.   I have the opertunity to purchase a Yamaha 115 Hp 4 stroke of the same year.   I would go larger but the boat nameplate states max. motor of 115 hp.  Will the extra 40 hp make a significant difference in speed and turning power?  My boys have been...
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    Perimeter L.E.D lighting

    Go to E-Bay and search for 5M RGB Waterproof. They adhere to the bottom edge of deck frame nicely. You can pick whatever color you want that day.
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    trailering cover. amyone got one?

    So did you have to take your boat to them or did they tell you how and where to measure?
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    GPS Fish Finder Chart Plotter

    I got the nod to purchase myself a father's day gift today after finding bottom while looking at my phone GPS map. Luckily, it was muck bottom so my gift does not have to be a new prop. :P Does anyone have suggestions for a GPS Fish finder/ Chart Plotter?
  6. Binghams Bay, Lake Koshkonong

    Binghams Bay, Lake Koshkonong

  7. It's over.

    It's over.

  8. Damn bugs keep getting in my smile.

    Damn bugs keep getting in my smile.

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    Dash Lights

    Here's the picture. FYI the Tach gauge uses a 194 bulb, all of the smaller gauges use T4 Neo Wedge. Bought them all for under $5 on EBay, but did wait awhile for them to arrive from Hong Kong. ;) Of course now I want to find blue LED rocker switches. :D
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    That's a good way of locating it. Does the entire lake have cool things like that? How early...

    That's a good way of locating it. Does the entire lake have cool things like that? How early in does the season open down that way. We live in Northern IL but store it at my Folks in Central IL. Some year we were going to go to Kentucky Lake in the spring, but Cumberland Lake like it is not...
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    Where are the falls in your first picture located?

    Where are the falls in your first picture located?
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    Looking for boating spots

    I have been looking for years for a lake to call my own, the rivers can be bad depending upon the weather. It seems that all lakes that i want to go to are private. Lake Koshkonog just north of Janesville WI is pretty good.
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    New Boat over weight for trailer sold with it

    That totally sucks. How far is the next closest dealer. I would want someone else after the original guy hopefully makes it right. I have a used boat that I got from a private party. I have been to the two dealers closest to me and are not that impressed with either of them. Before...
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    What's the water temperature?

    Lake Koshkonog, WI, was 84 degree last weekend. The air temperature have finally cooled down this week. It felt like getting into a bath.