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    Cross Country Tow

    The mooring cover is not designed to be a cover for towing , ,We originally bought our Bennington in Minnesota and towed it back to California ,first trip brand new boat and shredded the Bimini Boat cover ,Dealler replaced under warranty.Then we towed its from California to South Carolina And...
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    Front Bimini Tops Blew Off

    Yes the screws backed out , it could have been much worse caught it just in time ,when I went around the boat I noticed several had started to back out
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    Front Bimini Tops Blew Off

    I had a similar experience with our front bimini when it was being towed after seeing what was the cause I went around the entire boat and tighten every single screw that was lose and there was quite a few , surprised Bennington didn't put some sort of loctite on the bolts ,I'm 2 years into the...
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    Swingback Issues

    Finally made the retirement move from California to Lake Greenwood SC ,was doing my usual once over on the Bennington and came across this problem , I have 63 hours on the 2018 RSB23 more hours transporting then I do on the the water. l went to lift the rear cushion up and it lifted with a...
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    Didn’t order Elevated Helm....but

    have you considered powder coating ?
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    Dented pontoons

    $3500 a Pontoon and another $2000 in Labor, don't ask how I know !!!
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    300 HP motor on 23 RSBA Bennington

    I have a Merc 350 on the back of our 2018 23RSB it doesn't sit that low in the water. Your Fine But what Id really like to know is Does that QX25 Launch out of the water with that 502 Big block
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    Electric Series

    What about talking with Bennington and see if they can fab up a panel similar to your gate, Install a Piano hinge and a gate rest ,It appears in the picture you have room
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    Cupholder Lighting Install

    I did some searching on the web ,There is a company in Florida "Evamped "they are a Tesla aftermarket company ,They actually have a self-contained setup for the movable cupholders
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    Finally Took Delivery

    Congrats, I agree Kirk is a great Guy I traveled from California to buy it from Miller Marine couldn't be happier. still in amazement that there inside storage is the old Walmart,
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    Portable Gas Can Recommendation

    I wonder if he would entertain a group buy , I actually looked at it today
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    PTM Mirror mounting location

    Thank you Thank you , that helps I'll give that position a try . by the looks of your location I may have it located it to far forward
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    PTM Mirror mounting location

    I need a little guidance here I purchased the the PTM larger mirror, figuring I would get a wider view of what's behind, I have a 23 RSB with the double bimini package when I first installed near the center of the console I found it gave me a huge blindspot to forward my starboard (right) and...
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    3D lettering

    If you call them and tell them you have a Bennington , he will know exactly which ones you are looking for , I believe it was the chrome pontoon lettering . But they where very helpful over the phone
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    New 23SSBXP Ordered

    Congrats, you got lucky with the quick build date, I remember waiting almost 4 months for ours. We have pictures of our Build it is a great visual aid when your discussing how happy you are with your Bennington. if you can, also try and get to a factory tour, its also a added extra bonus