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    boat lift recommendation

    Check your PM's ChileMan - LMK if I can help
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    Squirrels invading pontoon - HELP!

    I agree - While I have had some mixed results with the owl, my best squirrel deterrents have been traps or my ultra quiet CZ455
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    Squirrels invading pontoon - HELP!

    You might try setting up one of the owl decoys that has motion sensor. Just move it around your storage area from time to time You could also try some of the larger rat traps I never had much luck with the ultrasonic devices.
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    Wow! Sorry to hear about all of the former and current opportunities Viking. Hopefully everything will get sorted out and corrected ASAP. At least you prevented a much worse situation from happening.
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    Virtual Demo Goodies

    So no Bennington Prime shipping? ;)
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    Virtual Demo Goodies

    Good deal. I checked with my dealer on 02/09 and they confirmed they had registered warranty for both Bennington and Yamaha.
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    Virtual Demo Goodies

    I just sent Bennington an inquiry on same issue. Warranty should have been registered by dealer back in early Feb, but haven't seen the gift card confirmation 90 days later
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    Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing, opening and covering easily.

    Wow - Another great reason to keep coming back here - more tips and tricks! Thanks for the video SemperFi and thanks also for the thread bump lakelife. I will certainly be trying this on my next lake trip.
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    Fuel Filling Problems

    Do you have any pics Michiman? Was thinking about fabbing or purchasing a spout extension for my cans. Is the tank fill hole 1/2" or 3/4"? I was so excited to have our new boat on the water this past weekend I forgot to measure before I had to come back to reality today.
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    I solved the small trash can problem.

    Great job! Thanks for the idea
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    Getting Close Now

    Thank You - Thank goodness for other GA fans in SC
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    Maiden Voyage!

    Nice boat! Congrats
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    Getting Close Now

    We purchased a new 23 RSBA back in Feb, but the boat has been sitting on our dealers lot since then, as we have been waiting on our boat lift to be modified to work with this tritoon. Lift guys finished up last week, and we had registration letters installed when we swung by the dealers...
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    Lettering for blackout

    Just ordered the chromed domed for our new boat. I hate to actually put any letters on the sides of such a beautiful boat, but unfortunately its not optional. Hoping the chrome matches the chrome bennington logo