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    7 year warranty

    I get your point. The only reason I even questioned it was because it was based on club membership, but, the earliest members of the club were not included. The staff member that sent me the email obviously agreed or he would not have asked for my info. As I said...I am extremely happy with my...
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    7 year warranty

    I sent the email to the person I was directed to talk to. I assumed the she would have contacted that person if they still worked for Bennington.
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    7 year warranty

    I understand. A few posts later I posted this because Bennington sent me an email asking for my info to extend the warranty. A mute point now because even if the warranty had been extended it will expire soon. I'm not looking to gain anything....simply setting the record straight. I would still...
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    7 year warranty

    2011 original owner. Not a big thing. minor repairs. I praised Bennington when i thought they extended it. I am simply clarifying that they did not.
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    7 year warranty

    I brought my Benny in for minor warranty work in May of 2017. I was told my warranty has expired. I talked to Bennington customer service and they confirmed my warranty had expired after 5 years. I produced the emails but to no avail. I guess they changed their mind Lol.
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    Thank You

    Thank You
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    playpen damage

    Both actually. I thought it would be a good way to cover the damage as well as stopping it from happening again.
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    playpen damage

    My lift snapped yesterday and due to low water my playpen made contact with the dock. The corner got scraped pretty good. Does anyone know if Bennington or anyone else makes pontoon corner guards for the playpen?
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    end caps for Bimini top poles

    Our boat came without them. We were able to order them through our dealer. We still have a problem. Some of them won't fit due to the location of the bimini bolts. If you are able to find some that fit please post. we have a wasp problem. The end caps would be a big help.
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    Used Benny

    Thanks for all of the replies. They have been very helpful. It is being sold by a dealer....they will tell you it goes 30 mph to make a sale LOL.
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    Used Benny

    I have a friend that is considering a used Bennington. It's a 24 footer with a 50 HP Yamaha. He is getting a good price. (I'm thinking the owner probably wants more HP)  My friend is on a small lake so HP is not critical to him. The question is......What kind of speed can he expect to get with...
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    Snap in Carpet

    Snap out is the way to go. Much easier to keep clean. 3 years with no problems.
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    Critique my build please

    I highly recommend the vinyl floor upgrade with snap out carpet. It is our favorite option.
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    Winterization fuel question

    My mechanic said to use stabil and store it with a little more than 1/4 tank. The gas loses octain when it sits for several months. That way in the spring when you fill it up you are running mostly fresh gas. Three years and so far so good.
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    Lift lube