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    Gorgeous day to put the boat away.....

    Not to discriminate against forklift people, but think about it. He has no skin in the game, often the easy solution is the choice.
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    Best inflator?

    I have a dewalt battery or cord wet/dry with exhaust. I don’t think it would be any faster than the one above. I also have the battery dewalt shop blower, it definitely would be faster than the expensive one I had, or the one above. It comes with attachments for that use. I use it to blow...
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    Best inflator?

    Do it, and give a full report. A bunch of us would appreciate it. The one that I had had a cooling fan and said it could run longer which may be an advantage to some.
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    Best inflator?

    I have same one as you. I had bought a fancy smancy expensive $125 one and it wasn’t much faster or quieter than what you have. I had both at same time and inflated identical tubes. With almost zero difference I returned the pricey one.
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    New Interior Time.

    Once again nice work. On a separate note but kinda along the same lines. I have. Q25 with the privacy chaise that houses the shroud and potty. I would love if the seat back that is covering the potty area to open up like the lift up seat backs elsewhere. The question: does anyone know if this...
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    water in pontoons

    Thanks all. Great points. I just came back from harbor freight with a mechanics stethoscope, I guess may not need it. I was planning on cutting a tennis ball in half or putting a cork on end of metal tube. I would drill a hole all the through cork. The half ball or cork would keep metal off...
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    water in pontoons

    What about gas sloshing? How can you separate that noise, or is a not an issue?
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    Driver's station

    Great idea. It’s already a perfect fit and it may be the cheapest method.
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    dual. battery set up

    Any good battery switch will not disconnect a battery until the other is connected. The blade of the switch doesn’t disconnect until after the blades make a connection on the other battery. For instance in bat 1 switching to 2 you go thru 1&2 prior to being only on 2. Same deal in reverse, so...
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    New Stereo Time

    How did you get that texture? Beautiful work!
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    New Stereo Time

    The one thing everyone agrees on is— the work is impressive.
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    New Stereo Time

    You’re right the starboard is crazy expensive. I use the plastic wood trim stuff at Home Depot or Lowes as a poor man’s replacement. When I was speaking about water, I was thinking more in the realm of moisture or humidity trashing the Mdf, (over time) not a submersion. The submersion scenario...
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    New Stereo Time

    Mdf and water are not friends. Mdf is a loser in that environment. Work is impressive by the way.
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    Pontoon leak

    Why not seal up the strakes with an epoxy? It eliminates the 40 gal of water and I wouldn’t think you would even come close to a pound of epoxy.
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    If you have white interior you need this

    Wow looks great. I wonder if it will cause problems over time though, besides voiding the simtex warranty. I was afraid to order the white due to cleaning issues. Do you wash it after each use?