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    Cleaning Chilewich Vinyl Flooring?

    Your pictures look very similar to my issue. My boat has been stuck on a lift since last August. When I brought it down the other day, the rear floor stain is almost gone but now boat has staining in the front. Not a clue what is going on. The dealer said last July they were going to replace it...
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    Sharkhide - Yes or No?

    I’m in Sarasota Fl area and I have it. Boat looks brand new (except where factory folks missed). I keep boat on a lift and spray it off every time after use and spray it from time to time anyway. We get heavy salty air all the time. I would get it again, just make sure it’s all covered with...
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    Sharkhide - Yes or No?

    My factory shark hide application was done well either. I may ask for it to get fixed, I pointed it out on delivery and we agreed to look issue at 100 hr mark.
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    Best way to get gas out of tank? (in emergency)

    use a fuel pump and disconnect the fuel line where convient and pump it out.
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    QX line

    “I don’t think you’re understanding his point. The boat was designed for what’s on there. All you are going to do is force the front down further in the water, the rear ain’t going anywhere. It’s not going to change like a fulcrum point (see-saw). You now increase the potential drag AND increase...
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    Floating Work Dock

    Put a sheet of plywood on top of that mat and it’s perfect.
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    Floating Work Dock

    Foam sandwiched between plywood is the common thing in Sarasota. It’s kinda heavy. But cheap. Very stable.
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    Where does bilge water exit

    My bilge pumps dumps into the motor bay area, well or whatever you call that. It’s up high right next to plywood. Turn bilge on and start filling up from a hose. Also a good way to check the auto too, note, it takes a ton of water to activate.
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    QX line

    Zipper lube from Walmart. Non-staining. A tube will last years. I use it on snaps and hinges too.
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    Updated Model Designation Chart ( cheat sheet )

    I too wrote Bennington to get the cheat sheet, kinda ricdulaous that it's not in a promeniate place.
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    Fuel capacity

    Printed on tag on fuel tank —if you can see it.
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    Bottom painting

    No need for bottom paint on lift. Hose off after each use, hit the lift too. Use a marine lube on lift pulleys once a year. No grease on cables, use a cable lube. I do my cables twice a year but that’s probably overkill. Definitely have the proper anodes put on, ask local maintenance guys...
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    Replacement pontoon cover/bimini/changing room options

    I’m in Sarasota area and remove all fabric that I can, except motor cover. I also now lay down the Bimini frames and tie them down. Last year an empty frame in the front ended up in the back of boat. Somehow not a scratch. I strap lift to pilings and strap boat to lift. (I see controversy on...
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    Best support for a Bennington 22-foot Tritoon with 150 HP Yamaha for my boat. need answers?

    You may want to check with a fabricator. I had two walkboards made and installed for less than 1/2 price of boat lift guys. He made all the stuff needed. The walkboards are nicer than the boat lift guys too.
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    Bilge Pump Location in 2022 SX22

    Only one on 2022 Q25’s