2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

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Our bimini does not seem to fit correctly.  reference the first photo, the second crossmember from the rear (with blue LEDs) pulls down on, rather than supports the canvas.  also, the entire bimini has a very positive angle of attack. It has already failed once (broken frame) at medium speed.   Our bimini is one of the few we have seen that has the slightly curved framework.  we have been working with our local bennington dealership to resolve the issue, but they have thus far failed to solve the problem and insist that the installed canvas and frame are correct.  Now, they say that we need some kind of strap to resolve the issue.  

Unfortunately, local AZ dealership is a low volume one and has no other similar boats on their lot that shed any light on this.

Request Assistance.  If anyone has a similar boat (2014 2575RCWB with a single bimini)  could you please post photos of your bimini canvas  and frame?  this would be very helpful to us in resolving this.  



IMG_8123 (1).jpg
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Hi I don't know if this will help but. Did you try adjusting the tension of the crossmembers ? In your picture see the two black knobs on each side ? Try to loosen them up and let that whole frame assembly move towards the back of the boat. You might have that support arm pulled forward to much. It will let the frame go more to the back then snug it down where it all looks comfortable I kind noticed that on my bimini.
I agree with Illinois. My top looks like yours. I have to adjust mine occasionally when someone else loosens one or both of the knobs when folding the Bimini down. (They SHOULDN'T  have to be loosened). Slide the arm toward the bow or stern then retighten to see which helps more. Keep some pressure on the top while you adjust the arms. 
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Mine looks the same. I have a 2375 rcw with a curved double Bimini. Traveling at any speed above 25 or heading into a wind you think the supports are going to break free and hit you in the head. When going fast I hold it up with one hand. My dealer told me they weren't rated to go above 15 mph. I have tried to up the tension but it doesn't help. I think if the back legs were shortened so it would get more airflow under the bimini instead of the airflow pushing it down it would help.
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I agree with the previous posts, looks like it needs to be adjusted. I would think the mount for that arm is a fixed position but I just looked thru my 2014  brochure ( yeah I'm that guy! :)  ) to compare and it almost looks like all the ones in the book have that arm mounted below the rear support so to speak. I just have the standard Bimini with LEDS, i just took the travel cover of so I can open mine up and offer some pictures but I would assume they're not 100% the same. If you want pics let me I can get this weekend for you.  Bummer your dealer hasn't been able to help! 
If you can get us a few more pics from different angles I'm sure the boys on here will get you straight!! ;)  
Sorry to hear the Bennington Dealers are not taking care of the customers that they sell to. Good to have a forum like this to solve the  problems Dealers won't help with  Thanks Guys!
Wow!  Thank you all for your responses.  This was my first post on this forum and I am very impressed with your thoughtful and helpful replies.

The boat is in the shop right now so it will be a while before I can take and post any new photos that will better illustrate this problem.  

We've looked carefully at the frame and how it can be adjusted.  The canvas is tight between the front and rear frame members so it does not seem that we can adjust the frame to correct things.   We feel that the canvas is not the correct one for this frame.  if it were longer, then the frame could be adjusted as one member suggested.  this would lower the angle of attack.   the "correct" canvas would have the frame sleeves in the correct location which would solve the issue where the second to the last crossmember pulls down on, rather than supports the canvas.

I will post more photos when i can.  Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions.  Again, any photos you have would be appreciated.

We moderators appreciate the positive, non-Bennington bashing conversation occurring here. Thank you.

You Bennington owners are the BEST!
Where in Az are you located? We bought ours through Action Water Sorts in Mesa. They are a high volume Benny dealer and have several boats on there lot. Maybe you could look at one. What lake do you typically boat on?
I had an issue with my front bimini.  The main brace across the top was too loose and the sleeve was in the wrong place.  Took a year and lots of phone calls but it got resolved to my satisfaction by Bennington.  My dealer was absolutely worthless in trying to fix the problem.  The service guy wanted to get a new bimini without the sleeve from Bennington (then sew in a new one in the right place) but the Manager wouldn't allow it.  Instead he wanted to "experiment" in trying to fix it by adding additional crossmembers and such.  No way.  I took the boat to a local bimini place and the sleeve was sewn in half making the bimini much tighter.  But, it still wasn't fixed completely.  Bennington eventually stepped up to the plate, took the dealer out of the equation and paid for a brand new bimini from the local bimini place I previously visited.  It's perfect now.  It was an easy fix but my dealer was ridiculous to work with.  They had no idea what they were doing.  Love Bennington and the boat, can't stand my dealer and would never recommend them to anyone.
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We are in Mesa AZ and keep our boat at Saguaro Lake.  We too, purchased from Action Watersports.  While they do have several Benningtons on their lot, none are helpful as examples of how our bimini should fit.  All have straight, rather than curved frames and most have the larger double bimini.

Since our purchase in the spring of 2014, Action has provided our warranty service and other maintenance.  For the first year, we had a good relationship with their mx dept and received decent service.  We did experience delays in obtaining parts from Bennington, but we at least felt that Action WS. was our advocate when it came to warranty issues and expediting repairs.  Following a change of mx personnel, our experience with them has worsened considerably.  The advocacy we experienced no longer exists, making it difficult to solve difficult problems such as this bimini issue.

Action refuses to allow us to schedule appointments for service.  We bring our boat in and it sits on their lot, usually for a week or more before they begin work on it.  There does not seem to be an effort to identify and order long lead time parts.  Completion estimates are highly inaccurate and some items that we ask to have fixed are omitted or overlooked.  Our boat has been in their shop since Jan. 3rd with an original ETC of several weeks.   The revised ETC, received a week ago was for another several weeks.  No progress has yet been made on the bimini issue.

Request for photos.  if anyone has a single bimini with a curved frame (not the sport version) with four main cross supports, it would be very helpful if you could post them.  thanks again.

more photos of our boat.  still pending.  boat is in the shop.  stopped by, but were not allowed to view it.  will take more detailed photos showing the problem when I can.  

thanks again for all of your responses.


Too bad you have to get yanked around like that from your dealer. Can Bennington step in on something like that, and get you some better service ? 
We have a 2014 2550 QCB with dual Bimini, but the straight as opposed to curved, Bimini frame.  My boat is currently in the shop because of the same/similar problem.  The second Bimini support bar actually sags downward, pulling the cover down into a "V" at that spot.  My dealer is working with Bennington to resolve.  I don't have photos, as it's still there now.
update from original poster.  boat still in shop at Action Watersports.  over 2 months now.  They have received and installed a strap or straps that supposedly remedies the problem of the sagging crossbar.   I have yet to see it (them).  when i do, I will post photos in this thread in case others have similar problems.  We are considering a different bimini setup for more shade.  boat shop is investigating to see whether we can add a front bimini to what we have, or discard the original, and buy new front and rear biminis.  also investigating how double bimini can be deployed, i.e. both up, both down, front down with rear up.  etc.   more later, if we ever get our boat back...
My dealer originally wanted to put "straps" on mine to tighten up the crossbar.  I said no way.  Mine's perfect now which was resolved as stated in my previous thread.  I've had my boat up to 50 and both biminis are nice and tight.