1. L

    Shallow water choices -Ellipticals?

    In the process of buying a 21SSBXP with extended swim platform. We have some very shallow water getting to our dock, 18" or less if dry summer. Old boat was 20' with 60 hp Mercury Bigfoot with no problems. Originally going for standard 25" pontoons and 60 hp CT. Thinking this boat is heavier...
  2. tcpip95

    Bennington Warranty: A great company

    It's time I tell this story.  I have sat on this for nearly three years because I was VERY upset with Bennington, but wanted to give them a chance to get it right.  I made a comment in another thread about being away from the forum for awhile.  This is why. I apologize ahead of time for what...
  3. Kells

    Dual Elliptical Owners - What are your hauling / storage solutions?

    Now that i'm forced to pull my boat for the first time after purchasing it this year, i'm realizing that i'm in a slight predicament. NOBODY has a cantilever / center lift trailer that fits this setup (too unstable at < 38" wide) NOBODY has a method of hauling this type of pontoon and...
  4. keithkz

    Changing my center tube

    Ok this is probably a stupid question but I'm going to ask it anyway because I just don't know and can't find it already asked on here. Is it possible or even worthwhile to change my (existing) center tube for that of an elliptical center tube in order for me to be able to make tighter turns...