sea legs

  1. B

    Sea Legs/Ultra Legs at the sandbar??

    We have had our Bennington for three years now and lately I was looking at adding Sea Legs or Ultra Legs to our boat. I wanted to see if anyone else in the Florida area has had experience with them. My main purpose for them is to pull up at the sandbar and just press a button to anchor and the...
  2. Vikingstaff

    Might Add Sea Legs After All

    Current Thinking: I am once again considering adding Sea Legs on to our boat. Some might remember me thinking about doing it when we bought the boat last year. I instead got a really nice lift and canopy set up so as not to compromise boat performance, which is one of my top priorities. Why...
  3. M

    Sea Legs for Pontoon Boat

    Any thoughts on Sea Legs for your pontoon boat. In my initial stages of looking at Benningtons and was wondering any pros and cons about sea legs and if anyone has a video of theirs Many thanks Mark
  4. J

    Please Help! - 115 prop

    Thank you in advance for your recommendations I'm new to Bennington and boat owning in general for that matter.  I have a 2275GFS with a 115 Yamaha and express tube with strakes.  I also have the added weight of Sea Legs.    I love the boat, but the top speed is really getting me down.  I went...
  5. Southwind

    On board lift system

    Does anyone use the Sea Leg system for their pontoons? This system attaches to the bottom of tour pontoon. I just bought a 20' SLXM with a70 hp Yamaha. Let me know...