Sea Legs/Ultra Legs at the sandbar??


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We have had our Bennington for three years now and lately I was looking at adding Sea Legs or Ultra Legs to our boat. I wanted to see if anyone else in the Florida area has had experience with them. My main purpose for them is to pull up at the sandbar and just press a button to anchor and the added benefit of a stable place to sit instead of bobbing in the water when the boats go by. I know the power poles do not work on the hard sandbar bottoms as the boat will bounce around. We trailer our boat so we don’t need them for storage. If anyone has experience with them I would like to hear our thoughts on them.
No personal experience yet, but adding specifically Sea Legs to our 2017 this week. I might be getting the boat back in the water in about 2-3 weeks. One of our intended uses is sandbars around our large inland lake. Hopefully you were hear from some of the others in here that have Sea Legs, Hewitt Legs, or Ultra Legs about what they in this situation.
Where in FL are you located?
I got the Ultra Legs on my 2018 RFSB twin tube and I really like them. They work great on water 4 feet or less, you can deploy front, rear or both and adjust to level as needed. I think I read they add about 300-350 pounds to your boat. I bought the boat with them installed so I cannot tell you what or if any performance was lost. I do not have a lift and I love them for getting my boat out of the water next to the pontoon.jpg looking boat and dock set up xcrider. Have a great boating season.
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We have ultra legs on our pontoon. I absolutely love them. We pull up to sandbars, other peoples docks and lower the legs. So simple and easy. I can recommend them to anyone who is thinking about them.